It’s a bright sunshiny day! After a few busy days and late nights, everyone slept in…except me. I had a couple+ hours of “quiet time” and then decided I wanted to find out about this blogging stuff. Here I am setting up this blog… All are up now w/ morning chores done and rarin’ to go. After everyone is done “brunch”, we are planning to head outside for the day. I have some starts I need to plant although it is still a little early here in AK. The squash starts have blossoms though so they won’t make it much longer in the house. We’ll put a cold frame over the new garden box and a light in there at night as it still gets down into the 30’s. I also have some cleaning to do in the raspberry patch (raking, etc.) and want to dig up some shoots to give away. Then, hey, I might reward everyone and walk to the park! With that plan in mind, I better get moving! 🙂