The bears are back. The neighbor called this morning. Said a sow and two cubs spent the night (from about 10:30pm to 8am) in their back yard…the two cubs specifically on their deck. These are year old cubs not bitty things. One even tried to get in the sliding door in their bedroom. We didn’t hear or see a thing…although our two cats were acting “funny” last night and hanging around close to the house rather than going off exploring or mousing. We have bears every year throughout the summer so we were already being wary.

So, although it’s bright and sunny and in the 60’s, the children are inside. I’d let them out as I have been except I need to vacuum/mop/thoroughly clean the dining area and kitchen and the entry over near the garage and I won’t be able to see or hear them real well. I’ll be working as quickly as possible (and enlisting their help as much as possible) so we can all enoy some sun this afternoon! And with that I’ll close and get to it… (Btw, I pretty much finished the raspberry patch yesterday…yay! :-))