What’s on the agenda for today…

I’ve done a fairly thorough cleaning of the main portion of the house so I’ll be in the schoolroom as the children have that in total disarry from when I was recovering (actually still recovering…but that’s another Blog). We store many of their toys under a shelf in there so it’s not school stuff in shambles necessarily. Yes, they’ve been trained to clean up their toys when they are finished…well, the older ones are pretty good about it…the two and four yr olds are still learning. Anyway, they all have been banned from there until further notice. If Mommy has to clean up their toys for them, then they don’t get to have access to them for a while!

What else…

My office area is a wreck too. I need to practice what I preach and clean up my desk and things that were “just placed here and I’ll get to it in a sec.” That will finish the main floor completely (expect putting sheets on the guest bed…I knew there was something else. ;-))

Next item…

I guess it’s on to the laundry area downstairs. My dh was in charge of laundry through my recovery as I wasn’t supposed to go up/down the stairs. Ahem. I’ll be in training for Everest. To give him credit though, he has moved the dryer and rearranged our dressers (we keep them here rather than each person’s room…easier to put clothes away, etc.) and some other things to make it more efficient for me when I was ready to resume my tasks. Thanks Honey! 🙂

It’s beautiful again today. Clear sky and sunny. With all I’ve listed above, are we going to make it outside? I hope so. I usually don’t mind if they are out there when I’m on the main floor and can keep track of them out the window (if I have to be in) but we are on “bear alert” and I want to be out there w/ them for sure for a while.

Speaking of outside…another tough night for the squash. They looked like they were ok yesterday but the temp was 30F this morning at 6:30am so… I think starting more was just added to the To Do List. Those and the peas. I haven’t looked closely at the peas yet this morning but, hey, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few more anyway. My tomatoes and geraniums are fine because I remembered to bring them in last night thankfully.

The children have slept later today as they (the girls anyway) had a fun couple of hours at a relatives house and then went to AWANA w/ them for a couple of hours and were all wound up when they came home around 8:45pm (at bedtime!) and had to tell us all about it! Then of course it was wash up, brush teeth, etc. They probably all got to sleep a little after 10pm…or was it closer to 10:30pm…probably the later. So, I got a couple hours to myself yesterday in the afternoon (which is highly unusual) because the boys both took naps and now I’ve had more than a couple of hours for quiet time because, as I said, they’ve slept in and my dh left earlier for work (they’ve had some jobs out on the Airforce base which is all the way on the other side of town+.) It’s been really nice to have some time to complete my thoughts, make some head way on the housework, etc. Boy, did I miss them though. We aren’t big on age-segregated peer group stuff but…we make an exception once in a while. Especially when a cousin just has to have a visitor to complete their book. 😉

Ok, ok. Now I’m off to get with it! 🙂