I had a lovely Mother’s Day on Sunday (11th)! Thank you Lord for giving me such a wonderful group of people to live with and care for! Ah. Family! 🙂 They served me a wonderful lunch of BLT’s and fruit and ice cream! They also gave me that wonderful first chime my husband made! Lucky me to get the “first edition.” 😉

Yesterday, Mon. the 12th, was spent catching up chores that tend to slide over the weekend. Monday has always been termed “Recovery Day.” Not in the sense that one gets to sit back and “recover” from anything…but rather the house recovers…or we reclaim it…we attempt to put everything back to normal (whatever that is!) so to speak…if you kwim?! Well, anyway, that’s what we did! LOL Plus, I figured since I was so busy in the basement w/ the laundry and packing away/getting rid of out grown things, I might as well extend that. I’ve been “clearing up” and “clearing out.” Listed some things that were particularly nice on eBay, half.com, etc. Plus, I put up Wayne’s newest creation:

Then, I did some updating at our website. Whew. All this in between nursing, changing diapers, nursing, supervising chores, nursing, refereeing, deligating and protecting my offspring from the bears. Did I already say, “Whew.” 🙂

Speaking of bears…if you recall, I said the bears were back for the year. Here’s a great pic:

And, you can go here Our Backyard (and Beyond)to read more about it.

Yes, I’m up late. Or, up early. Depends on how you want to look at it. Had dinner clean up to do as it didn’t get done after dinner as Wayne didn’t get home ’til late and the children wanted to eat with him. And, I had some other things I wanted to do while it was quiet. I’m off to bed now. Just wanted to stop in here first and blog this stuff before I got too busy and/or forgot.

Nighty-night. Yawn…