Well, that was a nice summer we had! [kidding] What’s with all the rain? It’s been raining off and on for a few days and was overcast for a few days before that. Oh, right. Spring showers. Usually it’s starting to get nice about this time. Instead, we’ve had our nice and now it’s not. Interesting interesting weather these past few months…

I don’t really have a plan for the day yet and it’s 9am. Our routine has been haphazard lately because of W.’s schedule and I’m just weary (mentally, emotionally, physically – still some stiffness/soreness – for a few reasons). Anyway, we were all up late last night so I’m letting the children sleep. Hoping I can formulate some sort of plan for the day while they are. I know I’m going to start w/ a shower. Have already nursed and changed Q. so I’ll be able to w/out him waking and crying…he should be going back to sleep soon and I’ll take my opportunity then. Other than that, I’m not sure. Of course, there is always the usual housework… Not sure what order I’ll attack everything in is what it comes down to. It looks like the rain has stopped and some blue sky is showing. Hmmm. Might turn out nice today after all. I suppose if I read the paper I would know what the forecast would be. I just can’t bring myself to though. Quit a few years ago because it either makes me angry or sad and I don’t need either. My news is filtered through W. and if I wasn’t happy w/ that I’d change it. (Although, I do listen to the radio on occasion. But, I can’t stand the media bias in that medium either! Bleck, bleck. :-P)

The tomatoes and geraniums will be happy if this indeed turns out to be a sunny day. They have been surviving just fine in front of the sliding door but… The tomatoes are getting really tall and I think I’ll need to stake or cage them soon. All of that would just be so much easier if they were stationed on the deck to stay. The geranium blooms are so pretty. I’ve managed to keep these particular plants alive into their third year! Yea! Looking back over my past entries, I can’t believe I left my lilac bushes off my gardening list. They were the first things we planted when we moved here. (The rhubarb was already here.) So, here is an updated garden list (mostly for my own benefit so I won’t be forgetting what we have going on out there! ;-)):

Front yard – raspberries, rhubarb, irises, 2 lilac bushes (one W. may have transplanted out back but until I’m sure I’ll list it here.)
Back yard – crabapple tree, strawberries, mint
Garden box (in back yard) – squash, peas
Deck – tomatoes, geraniums
Wild berries in the Fall…mainly blueberries and cranberries.

Well, better get that shower. Maybe some of this muddle-headedness will be washed away and I’ll be able to make a coherent plan…