Saturday’s (17th) hike didn’t go too well. It was windy all day and we were waiting for it to die down as we knew the valley would be even cooler…or colder. Finally, late afternoon (about 4pm), it had died down a little and we thought we’d go. If nothing else, it would be a nice little drive to get everyone out for a while. As we were heading out the door (literally – I had locked it and was walking down the steps), we had some unexpected visistors. My young cousin and a couple of her friends had been garage sale-ing and had picked up some things mostly for the baby but for the other children as well. It was a surprise as most 11-12yrs don’t really do those kinds of things any more do they?! 🙂 Anyway, after meeting and chatting briefly w/ the father who had volunteered to be the delivery/taxi man and the girls, we headed out.

So, here we are on the mountain at the trail head and the wind is gusting pretty good and it is cold! Brrrrrr. Wouldn’t you know it… I forgot my headband to protect my ears, forgot the front carrier for the baby and forgot to grap my hiking boots. Duh!!! Good thing it turned out to be miserable up there anyway. We did hike up the trail a little ways as the children were terribly disappointed they might not get a chance to “picnic” on their trail mix. 😉 We found a nice spot protected by the trails and let them snack-a-way for a couple of minutes until they realized this just wasn’t pleasant. A good lesson for them that wind blowing over snow makes the wind cold as the wind at the house was just annoying but didn’t feel like this! So, we packed up and agreed to try again the next day.

On a more positive note, Quentin was more himself. Seemed to be teething (!!!) of all things. Had started chewing on his fist which up until now he took little interest in (unlike our other children…thumb, fingers, pacifer suckers all!). Sure enough. There were two red swollen lumps in the bottom gum where the eye teeth come up. He’s only 7wks! I’ve heard though that teeth can come “up and down” before they eventually emerge. So…we’ll see what happens.

Sunday (18th) was again windy. Did church at home w/ a Doug Wilson sermon – Christ Kirk. Then, we putts around working on projects. Again, late in the afternoon, we decided to attempt a hike. Loaded up – without forgetting anything this time – and to our favorite spot we went. Again, it’d be a nice drive if nothing else. At the trailhead, everyone buddled up warm, baby in carrier, off we go. Made it to our “first stop” when it’s berry season and settled there for our “picnic.” Girls run up and down the slope for a little while, W. layed back in the tundra to relax and I kept track of everyone. Being up and aware made me the first to notice the hardy souls that hike up into the crevasses to snowboard or ski. They were way the h*ck up there! Not me my friend. Imagine mountain climbing just so you can take a couple minute ride down. Hmmm. If I want to ski, I’ll go where they have a lift and save the mountain climbing for nice warm days…it’s hard enough then. LOL Anyway, despite the chill, it was a pleasant outing. We had a movie and Subway to top it all off when we got home.

Quentin was now back to his normal self again. Napping regularly again, etc. Although, he still has those two swollen “bumps.”

Monday (19th) finally no wind! (Figures as it’s not the weekend any more and W. has to work…) Nice sunny blue sky day. Played outside all day! And, boy does my house show it! I set the laptop up on a table on the deck but there was a short in one of the extention cords and it kept shutting off. So, I wasn’t getting done what I wanted to there either and bagged it. I did get the eBay link taken down at our site (it didn’t sell 😦 )and the cart link put up so that was good. Before we knew it, it was dinner time and then I read to the children for a while and they to themselves and then it was bedtime. Fast day.