Today I plan to systematically take control of the house again (as I was supposed to do yesterday). The bathroom floor is a wreck from dirty little summer feet running in and out of it. The rest of the floors need a good vacuuming too. We are rearranging/reorganizing the office area so the kitchen counter is cluttered w/ stuff. Can’t do much about that as it’s W.’s project at the moment. So, we will just do regular chores there… The laundry pile after the weekend is starting to look like Everest again so I need to get a handle on that. It’s a nice day outside again so I’ll need to break this off and get busy so we can go outside and enjoy it.

School has definitely moved into “summer schedule” which means lots of good reading mostly but also taking advantage of those teachable moments when they come along. Such as studying fish anatomy when we go fishing w/ grandpa or talking about (and looking up pics) how clams dig when we go digging w/ grandma…which are all on the agenda real soon because talking to my mother yesterday she said there are some good tides coming. Yippy! Look out you little clammies! Yum yum! 🙂 Back to the school subject…and math worksheets on occasion so they don’t lose their momentum there. You get the idea…

With that… Ciou!

ps – I’m going down a couple of posts down to edit. Have a “stutter” I need to fix and need to make the gardening list accurate.