Decided to cut/paste Garden List here to keep it closer to the top of the page and easier to edit in the future. One lilac is indeed now out back and I can’t believe I forgot something else…my dear chives!!! Good thing I’m making this list…

Front yard – raspberries, rhubarb, irises, lilac bush (planted at the edge of the rasp. patch) (soon to have: Forget-me-nots [AK state flower!] and Hollyhocks)

Back yard – crabapple tree, strawberries, chives, mint, lilac bush

Garden box (in back yard) – squash, peas (soon to have: radishes, turnips, carrots, scallions, lettuce, fennel [never have grown it before but mil sent me some seed so we’ll give it a go], cauliflower and green beans.)

Deck – tomatoes, geraniums

Wild berries in the Fall…mainly blueberries and cranberries. (thinking of seeking out currants…)