Ok, a couple of things happened this week that relieved the pressure causing my poor spirits last week. Both were supposed to happen Mon. One did but was slow and we didn’t feel the results until Tues. The other didn’t and it was looking more stressful. Yesterday it finally resolved – Thank you God! It involved some really rotten tenants…I wrote a long tyraid about it that I saved else where…

I really do not want to let circumstances dictate my emotional/mental state and generally I’m good about not letting it (now). But, this had been going on so long, I was wooooorn down! Things are on the mend though…so, ah some relief! 🙂

The weather hasn’t been all that great. We’ll have a nice sunny day then it will be overcast and the wind will kick up again. Today was one of those blustery yucky days.

My plants are all doing well. The tomatoes have buds on them! 🙂 I started these from seed and feel so fortunate w/ my “beginners luck.” (I’ve since heard that this rarely goes this well…) I’ve started other things from seed over the years and everything has always gone well…I never doubted the tomatoes wouldn’t…good thing I didn’t hear these things before hand…although I really don’t think it would have discouraged me. Also, silly me. Forgot a couple of things I need to add to the gardening list: irises (found two at least still alive out front) and potatoes (we’ve planted them around the well the last couple of years and I’m surprised I had to be reminded! :-))

Quentin has been rudely awakened and that, of course, reminds him that he is hungry…I’m being paged! 😉