Well, things are going a lttle better around here. We still don’t have one of the condos rented (that had the bad tentants)… It needs a thorough cleaning and painting done. Having 5 children, you don’t just find a babysitter at the “drop of a hat” so you can go do it. (Granted, two are old enough to work w/ us now.) Which is pretty much how our “schedule” still runs around here…although we are working on changing that as fast as we can. Tyranny of the Urgent. Ugh. Whenever W. has a break between appts., its always a scramble to try to fit some of our own business in whether it’s ulus, the condos, personal stuff… We’ll be so glad to have W. working for himself again totally. Granted the pressures of being your own boss are greater but so are the freedoms…which are a high priority to us and therefore worth the trade-off.

We are settling into Summer Living nicely. The children all have goregeous tans on their faces, arms and legs. We all practically live outside at this time of year. It’s so wonderful!

The tomatoes have blossoms! The flower seedings are getting stronger. The new squash starts were all planted in the garden box last week and are doing wonderfully. They’ll probably have have blossoms in the next week. The peas have been blooming and we have picked two pea pods so far. Mmmm! 😉 I haven’t planted any of the things I was intending to by seed directly in the box because one of the cats has decided to us it as a litter box. Grrrrrr. W. just hasn’t had the time to put a fence around it or make a screen cover for it or whatever. The cat doesn’t dig around the plants in there but uses the space saved for the direct planting. I’m thinking (if it’s not too late…which I think it just about is…) that I can spread some plastic over that space some how until the seedlings come up and are big enough to deter the cat. Still deciding…if I wait too long the decision will be made for me as there won’t be time for anything to mature…

The last Friday we went to my parents on the Peninsula and went clamming. Fun, fun! Best tides of the year and the digging was easy. Those clammies were near the surface and all the little kiddos got to pull some out after Mommy, Grammy or Bumpa dug the hole! They were all very cute…but E. especially! I’m amazed that he got every single one that was dug for him as that ooze and water fills in the holes so fast you can’t see what your hand is feeling around for and trying to grasp. He’s only going to be 3yrs in a couple of weeks!!

We finally have seen the bears in our yard. Several times. A big male came walking down the drive yesterday morning and through the yard as nonchalantly as can be. Just like he owned the place. Before we left last Friday, one of the cubs W. took pictures of at the local Elem. school was sauntering throuh the backyard and was about to check out things on our deck before B.’s screaming scared him off. He came back later in the day, sniffed at the rope swing then meandered over to the neighbors startling the lady working in her yard and moseying into the garage behing the man washing his car in the drive to pull some trash out and proceed to have dinner. Very bold. Potentially very dangerous.

Yesterday we also had a visit from a bi-ped. Strange guy came walking out of the woods and asked the children (my young cousin was visiting too) if their parents were home. Luckily, my dh was home and step out of the garage to take care of it. A few minutes later, we all compared notes and it was a strange encounter indeed. W. needed to run to the auto parts store after that and heard on the radio that a man across town had tried to abduct a girl an hour before. W. thought the description sounded an awful lot like the guy in our yard. How scaaaaary is that!!! He would have had plenty of time to drive to this end of town, etc. to avoid the police, develope an “alibi” and what have you…or try for a different child while the police were busy. Needless to say, I know where the “Piece” is and have easy access to it today. Boy, between the bear, moose and weirdos…

On that “happy note”, I need to run. Q. is awake and hungry. The others have all one by one finally straggled up too. (Catching up after the late late nights from the fun hectic weekend.) Brunch needs to be made and morning chores accomplished. I’m sure I’ll come up w/ the rest of the days plan while I’m doing those.