Front yard – raspberries, rhubarb, irises, lilac bush (planted at the edge of the rasp. patch) (soon to have: Forget-me-nots [AK state flower!] and Hollyhocks)

The raspberries are blossoming, rhubarb is ready for its first harvest, the two itty bitty irises seem to have been choked out by the weeds (I think I’ll transplant them…), Forget-me-nots and Hollyhocks have sprouted and some are getting their second leaves. And…(I’m so very pleased about this!!!) the lilac bush by the raspberries has the most blossoms its ever had and…it’s fragrant!!! I can’t wait until it’s a tree rather than a bush and it has hundreds upon hundreds of blossoms filling the air with its lovely perfume! 😀

Back yard – crabapple tree, strawberries, chives, mint, lilac bush

The crabapple blossoms were wonderful again this year. For a very short time (unfortunately), they filled the air with their sweet fragrance. The strawberries are doing ok. Dh decided to take them out of the rectangular wooden boxes they were in and make a strawberry “hill” on a stump of a tree that we cut down due to spruce beetles. We had burned the stump to remove as much as possible but its big and a lot was left. Well, the strawberries aren’t too happy at the moment about being moved. We had a discussion about it today mostly because my chives were growing with them and now I can’t find any chives growing…and this had been done w/out my being aware of the plan…found out after the fact…so I’m a little bummed to say the least. Strawberries “like” to be confined a bit. If left to sprawl, they concentrate on leaves and runners and not fruit. Ahem. 😛 We’ll get a few but certainly not as much as I want. And the chives…looks like we won’t be getting any. The mint is growing like crazy though! (Just as dmil said it would. ;-)) The children and I like to snag a leaf or two now and then to chew on and I have a batch drying. The lilac bush is doing better. This one is more of a tree than a bush now because where it was planted before it didn’t get a lot of sun and so it s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d. It’s definitely liking its new home but doesn’t have many blossoms. Also, I can’t tell if it’s fragrant or not yet as it’s too tall for me to give them a whiff. Guess we’ll have to wait longer to find out on this one…

Garden box (in back yard) – squash, peas (soon to have: radishes, turnips, carrots, scallions, lettuce, fennel [never have grown it before but mil sent me some seed so we’ll give it a go], cauliflower and green beans.)

The second round of squash has its second leaves and is going on to its third w/ little buds starting. We’ve picked a couple of pea pods (and eaten them ;-)) and they have probably 5 more pods getting bigger and lots more blossoms. Radishes through scallions I haven’t planted because of the cat and lack of a second box… Same w/ the fennel. The lettuce is still too small to transplant as are the green beans and cauliflower. The green beans will be ready soon though. I also mentioned putting potatoes around the well…I’m not sure if we are scrapping that this year or not…

Deck – tomatoes, geraniums.

5 of the 6 tomatoes are blossoming. The 6th has buds about to open. I’m sooo excited!!! I love to go out there and water them and check on them! The geraniums are beautiful again this year!

Wild berries in the Fall…mainly blueberries and cranberries. (thinking of seeking out currants…)

Of course, it’s not Fall yet so no updates for this. 🙂