Our backyard is definitely a “bear thoroughfare.” We have seen a bear regularly every other day or so. Seems to be 4. A mother and two 1 yr old cubs and a larger male (we are assuming). The mother and cubs like the backyard which borders a large tract of undeveloped land. The “male” likes to come sauntering down the driveway in the front yard. Anyway, a cub came poking around last night around the children’s bedtime stirring everyone up. (Who knows where mother and sibling were…probably at the neighbors or hanging out just out of sight in the trees…) He (or she) checked out the playhouse then mosied into the shed then left when dh came out to take pics. I was on the deck trying to get some still shots and dh had the video camera. We keep getting shots of the various visitors but they are fast and while the video camera captures great footage the clips are so fast its hard to get a good still image off of it. I’m still using “ancient technology” w/ a 35mm camera and thus have to wait ’til I get my film developed to see if my still images are any good…which is a real bummer. Oh well. One day I will have all updated equipment and then…watch out! LOL!!!

The weather has been dreary. Overcast and threatening to rain. It didn’t rain last night but we got some a day or two ago. It’s also been windy. I haven’t been outside much although the children have ventured out occasionally. Having the bears so bold makes us all nervous though so they don’t venture too far from around the house. They drag all their mudpie supplies up on to the porch! LOL! (Speaking of which, we have a great shot of our eldest ds in “war paint” that I’ll have to post!)

Anyway, I’ve had plenty to do in the house. Housework (of course!) and, since we homeschool year round, I prepare some sort of lesson each day from one subject since we are on a “light” schedule for the summer. Lately it’s been math. And, we read/read-aloud for an hour or two together. Then, I have business stuff which means the computer mostly…paperwork, bills, etc. and so forth and checking email and auctions that we have going or learning/practicing web design stuff (I’ve got the archaic html down…now I’m working on CSS. I don’t know why I’m bothering and not just moving on to whatever is the most advanced right now…guess I like the process of where it’s been through to where it’s going…I’m just starting 10 yrs behind everyone else. LOL!). The learning curve is low considering everything else! LOL Also, as of the last couple of days, I am resuming more sewing (for business as well as pleasure) and some other projects I neglect until I have enough “free time” to be inspired. Mostly because of the weather right now. When it’s nice, we practically live outside and all these types of things are put on hold until winter. When I’m out there, I concentrate on caring for our few gardening “spots.” (I’ve given up temporarily on the rest of the yard and let it go “wild” until we get the new driveway plan/landscaping plan underway.) I give a push or two for someone on the rope swing (usually one of the littler ones) or on their bike. 😉

All the children are now waiting on me so thus ends my “morning musing.”