I’m feeling exhausted. Q.’s 3mnth bday was yesterday (hurray!) and I think he’s “teething” again. He is by far our youngest to do so and he’s pretty young for it period…but now there are two swollen, red, hard lumps where his top eye teeth will come in and he’s knawing on that fist again. He’s fine while I hold him but not when I don’t. We all suffered through a major crying bout while I tried to fix lunch. My ears were actually ringing and a major headache was building. Finally, I had to stop everything and hold him. He’s okay now and my headache is gone. I would love to do nothing but hold him all day…but we all do have to eat and I’m not about to work around the stove even w/ him in the sling. So…sandwiches for dinner anyone?!?!

I can’t believe it’s been 3mnths since his birth…it sure has flown!!! I remember my father telling me…the older you get, the faster it goes… Hey Dad, why’d you have to be right on this?!?! 😉