It’s been in the 80’s the last two, three, four days…something like that. Wowee – it’s hot!!! The radio is reporting 78-79F. Today, our thermometer reads 84F. It’s not as hot today as yesterday…a bit of clouds today. Yesterday must have been close to 90F. With all the doors and windows open, it was very uncomfortable in the house which is usually a relief when it’s hot outside. We are most always warmer than in town where they “officially” get the temp. reading because we are away from the ocean up the in the “hills.”

We have been miserably sick this last week and weekend. We got sick around the 4th of July last year too…what’s up w/ that! The children came down w/ it one by one and I started feeling bad Friday night. Saturday and Sunday, I was really not well. Today there is not much of a headache but the chest congestion, hacking cough, sinus and clogged ears are holding their own still. Argh. A couple of the children are almost done, one is midway, another is the same as me and the baby seems to have missed getting it…must be all the antibodies.

If my entry before the last one (about the bear cub on the deck) seems to been cut short, it was. I don’t remember why at this point. One of the children needed something or a couple were arguing or something…

Needless to say, the house is still a wreck since the previous entry. Busy w/ business and sick children and then being sick myself. My goal is to have at least the guest/sewing room, bathroom and the school room clean today. Tomorrow, the kitchen, dining and living room. The next, my office area and the laundry. Then there are the never-ending misc. projects. What day does that put my at…about Thurs. or Fri. Just in time for the weekend! 🙂

Ok, so, finishing up about the bear. I got the regular camera and had my face pressed against the glass of the sliding door to get a better look as he went to the far end of the deck to smell the tomato plants. As he came back my way, he stopped at the sliding door and smelled all around the base and side, etc. In the midst of that, he gazed inside and as I bent to take his picture, we stared each other in the eye for a good long pause. As the bear cub checked out the playhouse, W. was plugging the video camera in in the kitchen since I had the sliding door open already and tried to get some footage that way. But, the cub was ready to move on, so W. raced to the garage, plugged in there and flung the door open to get shots that way…he got a brief one.

We hadn’t seen hide-nor-hair since then until yesterday. The children were all out making mudpies in the front yard when B. looked up to see the cub standing in the driveway watching them. Of course, all kinds of blood curdling screaming and screatching and clambering up the front steps ensued and the cub sceedaddled into the bushes lickety-split! I told them they probably gave the poor thing a heartattack…I know they nearly gave me one!!! ;-P

Gardening – The raspberry patch is totally over-grown w/ weeds. I haven’t been in there except to smell the lilac blooms in, oh I don’t know, must be at least 4 wks. Argh! Totally needs my attention. (Maybe that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend after I’ve caught up the house this week.) We have some really pretty yellow flowers growing in there…don’t know what they are. The fireweed is also starting to bloom. So pretty! It also means, so “they” say, once the blooms reach the top, that we have only 6 more weeks until winter… Waaa! Oh gee, I better cut-n-paste my list here because I forget what I’m supposed to be doing:

Front yard – raspberries, rhubarb, irises, lilac bush (planted at the edge of the rasp. patch) (soon to have: Forget-me-nots [AK state flower!] and Hollyhocks)

The rhubarb I harvested for the first time when we got back from our long 4th weekend. It’s still in the fridge. I get my co-op order tomorrow and I’ll have my baking supplies restocked and I’ll use it to make rhubarb crisp, etc. Irises…don’t know where they are. They obviously haven’t bloomed. The lilac bush is about bloomed out. They few blossoms we had were so pretty and smelled so wonderful! I think I said that before… 😉 The Forget-me-nots and Hollyhocks are growing and growing although I don’t think we’ll get flowers from them this year. I did take some Forget-me-not transplants from W.’s grandmother’s house on the 4th weekend that I need to find a permanent place for. I just love their little flowers that are so perfect and delicate and the colors are so defined.

Back yard – crabapple tree, strawberries, chives, mint, lilac bush

The crabapple is busy making apples, the strawberries I had in the box that got moved onto the tree stump mound are establishing themselves…read no fruit this year. However, there are some strawberries on a hill that were there when we moved in that have some ripening fruit on them. Not many…but enough that the children always enjoy picking a few to munch on right then and there. Chives…zilch. Mint…lots and lots. Lilac bush…has blooms too!

Garden box (in back yard) – squash, peas (soon to have: radishes, turnips, carrots, scallions, lettuce, fennel [never have grown it before but mil sent me some seed so we’ll give it a go], cauliflower and green beans.)

Squash…going strong! Peas…been getting huge pods. Still, I didn’t plant enough to “put up”…just enough to enjoy at the moment. No radishes, turnips, carrots, scallions, fennel. Just didn’t have the room w/out my second box. Lettuce, cauliflower and green beans doing good.

Deck – tomatoes, geraniums.

These are all doing wonderful! Blossoms upon blossoms on those tomatoes. Does that mean tomato upon tomato? Hope so!!!

Wild berries in the Fall…mainly blueberries and cranberries. (thinking of seeking out currants…)

Only one more month before we harvest these…

We went hiking again the weekend before last. It was hot! We made it to where we had the previous time. Desperate for shade. The wildflowers were wonderful! I counted 5 or 6 different varieties. Also, that many different butterflies! B. had one land on her hand and hitch a ride for a good long way as we were coming back down. It was a good lesson in camoflouge (sp?) too as when it left her hand and landed on a leaf, we almost didn’t find it again. It looked so much like the leaves when it’s wings were folded up. It was a mix of green/yellowish green. Neat!

Well, I’ve been long-winded enough. I know I’ve forgotten something but it will have to wait for now. All those chores I listen are waiting…