This lung congestion is for the birds. I’ve haven’t had such a rattling, hacking cough in years. Mostly colds…with sinus stuffy head stuff. That’s miserable enough. This…well, this is just…bleck. 😦

Today seems cooler…or I’m just getting used to it. Yesterday, W. said it was 89F in the part of town he was in. 10 degree difference. The official temp. is taken at the airport which is down by the coast so there is sea breeze. W. was in the flat “city” part of town w/ concrete and such absorbing heat. We (the rest of the family) were up on the hillside w/ trees, vegetation, etc. which helps cool things down. So, 79F, 89F and 84F all on the same day in various parts of town. It was 75F already when I looked a hour ago and the sun hadn’t made it directly south yet beating down on the deck/backyard. We’ll see what the temp. reads in about another hour. I suspect it will be quite toasty! Although, it is a bit windy today so it doesn’t feel bad. In fact, it feels quite good. I think the ole bones are feeling quite thawed out now! LOL

I managed to get the guest/sewing room cleaned up yesterday and a wipe down of the bathroom. The bathroom is so hard to keep clean this time of year…lots of dirty little hands and feet coming and going. I wouldn’t trade that for anything though…even a clean bathroom!!! 🙂 Summer is so short here that I know I have months upon months for a nearly pristine one…so I can let it go and simply enjoy the moment. As long as hygiene is maintained what’s a little dirt? Things can be clean and still “dirty”…kwim? Or, as we say around here, “It’s clean dirt.” 😉 The schoolroom…I just shut the door for now. It’s mostly just toys scattered around. We know who should clean those up right?! It does still need a good organizing from the “fall-out” that happened when Q. was born…I’m embarrassed to say I still really haven’t taken care of it 3 mnths later. Most things are put away…but not put away. I know in another month though that we’ll have to get back to our serious school schedule and that will give me the motivation I need. Again, the summer is so great and we are busy w/ other things right now…what are some toys scattered around especially when they are contained in one room?!

Really, all this is a pep talk to myself. To overcome my perfectionist tendancies and to not be too hard on those I love most. It’s all true though…too bad I need to remind myself continually. Like right now, I’m “obsessing” about the typos in my previous entry…but, you know, I’m going to “let it go.” I’ve got some more important things to attend to…namely getting those said chores out of the way in an efficient not obsessive way and then going to ride bikes w/ my dear children!!! What’s that poem? “Settle down cobwebs. I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.” Something like that… Can insert bike riding, etc. in there too! 🙂