The 30th was spent pretty much as usual. The 31rst W.’s sister was here. We spent time visiting, looking at her wedding photos (which was June 21rst – Congrats online S. and C.! ;-)) and at the park with the children, etc. Friday (Aug. 1rst), she went shopping w/ the two oldest girls and a cousin. That evening was a family get-together w/ out-of-state (as well as in-state) relatives arrived for Grandma E.’s memorial. Saturday had us traveling to Seward again. We did “touristy” things on the way down though and had a great time w/ sis-in-law. Saturday eve was spent helping sort through things at Grandma E.’s house. Sunday morning more sorting, preping for the memorial (at Seward Methodist Church) and the reception afterwards (at G.E.’s house). Very tough emotionally and physically (not enough sleep). Everyone was glad to be together and it was a sweet time too. We didn’t get home and to bed until 4am Monday morning. Then had to get sil to airport at noon. That afternoon was sooo quiet…and hard again emotionally. I didn’t get anything done except brunch, a nap on the deck and dinner. Yesterday, I tried desperately to clear up some of the stuff we packed and brought home but I was still feeling pretty strung out and didn’t get much done. Also, had to bring my aunt and cousin to the airport that evening, so when I got back I was “out of the groove” and put it off ’til today.

Today – one of W.’s aunts dropped off more stuff and we are expecting W.’s mother in about an hour. She has more stuff too. For us, for sil and for herself…to be stored here as packing it home on the plane would be toooo much. Some of it is utiltarian, some is extra special. The whole thing just still makes me incrediably emotional. The passing of such a kind generous soul. To dismantle a household that was established more than half a century ago. Well, it’s just too much to write here. There’s no way I could possibly express it all well. At least not now. Believe me though. My thoughts are swimming w/ all sorts of sentimental and religious things. The passing of these thoughts to paper is difficult and time consuming…so they will have to stay there for the time being.