Ack! The leaves are changing already. My daughters brought me the first Fall leaves this past week. Also, at my aunts house a couple of the trees are pretty well into the process…not just a leaf or two but the whole tree is changing. Sigh. However, it is 86F outside right now!!! If the thermometer were in direct sun it would be 90+. Summer’s going out with a bang!

The tomatoes are doing wonderfully. Each plant has 5-6 that are in various stages of growth plus there are dozens of other blossoms. Those blossoms probably aren’t going to have enough time to develope. I can try plastic to prolong the warmth for them. We’ll see. So, now I’ve had success with this…I can’t be too much more successful w/out a greenhouse.

The zucchinis are coming right along as well. Two are deep green and I could harvest them now but I want them a bit bigger. I’ll give it a couple more days at least. There are a couple more getting close and lots of other smaller ones.

The Forget-me-nots are big but haven’t bloomed. I wonder if they will this year? The Hollyhocks won’t. Although, they are quite big in their pots, they are now where near maturity. I’m wondering if I should try to winter them inside or quickly establish them in the ground somewhere? I have an inkling where I want them but am not sure due to eventual landscaping/foundation upgrades.

The older girls have picked a few raspberries already. Just a couple of handfuls. While we were gone last weekend, something BIG was in there and broke some of the best canes. A bear looking for a tastely treat? Most likely the Mama and baby moose that came through the yard yesterday. The raspberry patch is still a jungle so if they went through there they didn’t have any path visible…and if something startled them, they probably went crashing through unfortunately. Well, it’s a very large patch anyway so we’ll find plenty. Plus, we have various other patches cropping up in the front and back yards from “scraps” that got scattered around with fill.

It’s time to be looking for wild berries. Someone on the AK homeschooling loop I’m on mentioned picking watermelon berries recently. I know we have a couple of those bushes out back but I’ll need to get out my book and bone up on which are which. They are pretty obvious I believe but wild currants can be mistaken for baneberries which are piosonous. Definitely time to go up “Blueberry Hill” to check on the blueberries.

I need to run. Today is an Open House/cookout at the local firestation up the road. The children have been looking forward to it all week…but a couple of them have turned up really sick. Have to go assess the situation and see if we will be taking a walk up there. I know if they want to lay in bed rather than heading out that I have truly sick children and not some that are just trying to skip chores. šŸ˜‰