Well, I have a bit more time here as one child feels well enough to get up for some soup and crackers.

We have gotten a measly amount of pea pods but still it was enough to put in a couple of salads at least. We will definitely be planting more next summer!

My lettuce is struggling along. At first I think it was too hot because when the weather cooled off turning those couple of weeks of rain it was perking up and growing faster. It seems to have back off again and we’ll be lucky to get enough for a couple of salads out of it too.

All in all, gardening went well this year. I didn’t end up planting all I wanted due to lack of space but what I did get planted has done very well – well. Those things we already have established (the crabapple, lilacs, etc.) are continuing very well also. As long as we maintain the status quo of each new level, I’m ok with that. To steadily increase would be better. Of course, to increase more rapidly I’d prefer overall. Just so long as there are no steps backwards!!!