The house shaking howling (literally) winds of the past week have finally subsided. Ah, the calm is wonderful! Funny how something like that can infiltrate your thoughts and become such an annoyance. But now, all is still out there and I’m thankful for this seemingly small thing! LOL We haven’t had any more snow since my “First Snow Report” but have had rain, rain and more rain! It has been rather warm for this time of year…50’s to 60F. It rained earlier this morning before I got up at 8am. The driveway is half dry now. I don’t know the weather forecast as we don’t watch tv and don’t receive the paper here at home. If I catch it on the radio, fine. If I’m really curious, I look it up online. Otherwise, take it as it comes. The cold snowy weather is inevitiable though so I’ll do a yard check today (now that we can go out w/out being blown away!) to see what else there may be to put away. (Dh finished the shed last week – yea!) I know there are a couple of hoses and perhaps a bike or two… I feel like a squirrel this time of year…taking stock, storing up, scurry, scurry, etc. LOL