I am keenly disapointed… The wait seemed so long and I purposely kept reviews out of my sight so that my opinion wouldn’t be tainted. Now, after watching it, I feel tainted. The pagan orgy and gratuitous s*x scenes not only left me with a bad taste in my mouth but made me want to spew it out as the poison it is. Of which movie do I speak?

The Matrix Regurgetated…I mean Reloaded. gag.

As my dh so eloquently put it, “Well, that s*cked!”

The first was so good. Particularly so because all that junk was left out of it. Why can’t Hollywood realize this? I know, I know… You can’t expect pagans to act as anything but pagans. Sigh. I’m not even looking forward to the third although I’ll probably watch it because I’m a finish what I start kind of gal. Yeah, the special effects are still superb. Keaneu’s (sp?) acting has improved a touch. But, man! That five minutes sure ruined it all. Total appreciation gone after that.

Alright, enough lamenting…moving on…

I’m looking forward to the Luther movie and Mel Gibson’s Christ one. (Mel hardly ever disappoints me! ;-))