My dh slept in this morning. While sleeping, he let out this loud, deep cough. Our 5 yr olds response, “What was *that*? A Hephalump?!”…lots of giggling all round… 😀
Rain, rain and more rain. Guess I’m getting my wish…a Fall/Early winter like last years. At the risk of sounding weird, I think it’s a polar shift. Welcome to the Alaskan Tropics! 😉 Whatever the reasons, I’m glad it’s happening. We just aren’t prepared for winter in several ways. Ah, the mercies of God!
Oh, one more thing. I have had the honor of being listed in two other ladies’ blog “reads.” I need to recipricate. Shame on me for being lazy and not listing my favs sooner. Add selfish too, keeping all the fun to myself…. tsk tsk. So, keep an eye out for my “reads” list in the right margin soon.
Sigh. And, I guess there is one more thing. Below is a post from Nov. 6th I had saved it as a draft until I had the correct link and now Blogger won’t put it in order for me. It’s driving me crazy to have it listed “after” the 5th or before the 8th (today) so I’m cutting-n-pasting it here so it’s in the order *I* want. I played with republishing the archives and a couple other things and I give up. I’m a busy gal and this will work just fine…

Thursday, November 6, 2003
Amongst other things…

M. is doing division and cursive.
B. is doing double digit math w/ regrouping.
C. is learning to read.
E. loves to count and is getting a handle on the alphabet.

I feel accomplished! It’s so wonderful being my childrens’ teacher!

That said, here’s an article I wrote (in collaboration w/ dh) for our state homeschool assoc. newsletter:
APHEA Network News

Hasta luego!

ps – of course, they aren’t doing these things this early in the morning! still sawing those logs they are! just thinking ahead in the day before me…and the weekend too. i’ve been kind of winging half of our lessons…half of my lesson plans are filled out and the other half has been stalled due to preoccupation with other things. the three r’s are being covered (well, writing could be beefed up a bit) but we need some “enrichment” too. so, i plan on finishing my lesson plans through dec. this coming weekend.