I haven’t been here for a while… Business and homeschool lessons have been keeping us busy mostly. I throw in a little housework now and then. On the morning of the 20th, I discovered Q. seventh tooth was in. I’m pretty sure it actually poked through the day before by the look of it. He had been acting crabby but I just didn’t think to check until then. His fussiness was also an indicator of illness…poor baby came down with something that caused fever, rash, etc. So, this last week he was just miserable. His wanting to be held and nursed frequently on top of everything else listed above didn’t leave any leeway for anything else.

We had a bit of excitement Tues. (Nov. 25th) morning…as everyone was getting up and busy with their morning work, I came over to my desk to turn on the computer and out of the corner of my eye I saw movement out the window. Thinking it was one of our cats or a neighbor dog or something, I wasn’t going to look out. Well, I did…and there was a coyote standing there with a big snowshoe hare in his mouth! I’ve seen coyotes before but never this close! And, with his breakfast to boot! Anyway, it my rush to find a camera, everyone realized *something* was up and went running to the window to look. He proceeded to our raspberry patch (startled by the commotion at the window) and into the bushes…the view of which is partially blocked by one of our vehicles. About a minute later he came out again, minus the rabbit, and trotted across the street and down the neighboring subdivisions road. Cool! All the years I lived more rurally, we never had wildlife so close to our house doing “it’s thing.” Probably because with acres and acres and acres of forest around us they didn’t have to (duh!)!!! The children keep hoping he’ll come back…which is more than I can say about the bears…they are glad the bears are hibernating! lol Oh yes, and winter has returned to Alaska. We are back to normal weatherwise and have plenty of snow now thank you very much!