We now return to our regularly scheduled program…

Whewee! I spent most of this evening trying to figure out code problems! All I did was add “Reads” to my side bar with Composer and plugged it in here. Weeeeell, between Composer and Blogger things really went haywire!!! I hope everything looks ok to you all out there…they finally do on my end. Can you see my eyes twirling around in circles and my tongue lolling out… LOL!

Not much is new. Had some cold weather, had some snow. Homeschool lessons and business stuff still keeping us busy.

Business stuff takes “forever” with this ancient sloooow Win 98 CTX baseline laptop bought in ’98 on dial-up connection. And, I can’t forget to mention the manufactors glitch that causes the touchpad and keyboard to freeze up! We returned one when we first bought it because of it but wouldn’t you know the second one didn’t start acting up until well after warranty. It has only gotten worse with age. WORSE, WORSE, WORSE! There’s nothing you can do about it. Just turn the machine off and reboot. (I think I lost count at 10x yesterday. I would have given up all together except there were some business emails I had to answer, etc.) Can you say, “Ugh!”? Let me hear it again… “UUUGGGHHH!!!” That’s why I haven’t been around much. Now that my learning curve is up and I’m ready to do more, my computer just can’t keep up. Burn out. Literally, it takes all day some days to update *one* page with just simple updates. Bleck. We are still trying to locate the people that set up W.’s other site…they must have left the city/state or something. But, really, until I get a new computer it pretty pointless anyway. W. was out comparison shopping for me today. I can’t wait to get all this computer/IT stuff consolidated!!! It’s not just a wish any more…it’s a necessity. Alright, enough whining for now…