I had a feeling that the Chinook was the “calm before the storm” so to speak. The temp. dropped Tues. night and it started snowing again…through the night. Probably got another 3-4″. Stopped snowing mid-morning. It just started snowing again a few minutes ago…who knows how much we’ll get this time.

Dh is off getting parts for one of our ‘Burbans. Hopefully, we’ll have a family vehicle up and running again soon. So much for my piddly amount of housecleaning…now I have a bunch of “garage stuff” being stored in here until the ‘Burban is fixed. Mostly, business related stuff dh doesn’t want dirty(ier). A couple racks of knife blades, etc., etc. Sigh. Good thing there are lessons to keep me as well as the children busy because I’m pretty discouraged of making any cleaning headway around here. It’s not dirty…just cluttered. Between remodeling, having no closet or whatever to put boxes in (because our unfinished basement is part of what’s being remodeled), due to an open floorplan with only two rooms upstairs besides the bathroom…well, ugh! I’m beside myself! (The kitchen, dining area and living are all open to each…so no hiding clutter behind closed doors is what I’m getting at…) I’m not naturally organized and not a neat freak buuut…I revel in a “semblence of order” at least! One of the rooms used to be the master bedroom. It is now the schoolroom and has toys stored in there too (under a shelf with a curtain coving it). I do have some things to clean up in there but it’s minor and won’t take long! Another reason to relish our lessons…I get to be in the tidiest room of the house!!! Ok, the bathroom’s tidy…but come on! It’s the bathroom…other people would appreciate using it too I’m sure. 😉 The other room is the guest room/sewing room. Right now it’s storing our new couches. Ugh. So, while I usually like going in there, it’s too cramped now too. Well, there’s no way to relay it all coherently… I’ll quit complaining and take the children and we’ll stick our noses in books. Then, they can go outside and I can… Well, I’ll think of *something* then I’m sure.