Well, one project accomplished! A big relief to me and an even bigger load off my dh back. Finally, finally, finally one of our ‘Burbans is running! It’s been a really, really long time since we had reliable family transportation. I can’t even think about how long either of those has been sitting around not running…toooo frustrating! Both, bought on seperate occasions (actually, one was traded for some work dh had done for a guy), were supposed to run well when we got them. (Dh isn’t a mechanic…he only plays one on TV. LOL Actually, he’s very good at it but it’s not his profession.) It’s just, buying used vehicles, one can just never tell until you have it in your possession for a while exactly how “ok” it is. Excuse me, can we take this home and drive it for a month to work out the bugs/to see if it’s a lemon before we purchase it? — no way, won’t happen. 😉 The one that’s finally, finally, finally up and running turns out had a cracked head in the engine and a few other resulting things from us driving it for a few weeks in that condition and then it sat for…I’m too embarrassed to say…until we had the funds to fix it. It now has a new engine and all the other necessary things to go along with it…I haven’t any idea what all that is and I’m half afraid of processing the receipts for it all and finding out!!!…and dh took it on it’s test drive last night doing all the proceedures one has to do to a new engine. Hurray! Except for going to the Referee Facility to have it IMed (since it has swapped out engine, you have to go directly to the Muni to get the emission tests done), it’s ready to roll! It needs some body work but cosmetics are “extra.” I don’t care how it looks just so long as it is safe and reliable and accommodates our whole family all at once!!! Actually, dh has already started the body work…bondo and primer fumes were wafting in from the garage door last night…smells that were acceptable and far from annoying knowing that the thing *runs* now!!! Can you tell I’m so very pleased and excited!!! 🙂 Let me add a few more exclamation points…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, the relief is sweet (and necessary).