Christmas Tree by Albert Chevallier Tayler

A very warm and cozy Christmas Eve to all readers of the Hunt family blog! A joyful Christmas to you tomorrow as well! And, as I’ll be taking a “computer hiatus” through the end of the year, many prayers that you all will have a very Blessed 2004! Cherish your time with your loved ones during this special time of year…hold them close…and thank God for putting you in each other’s lives. Thank Him also for His precious gift to us…His Son Jesus! If you are a believer, thank Him also for making you a part of His family! How merciful, good and caring He is to His children!

ps – It has finally stopped snowing!!! About midnight or 1am this morning. It sure is pretty out there… The children are going out to “swim”. LOL It’s up to our oldest child’s waist and over our 3yo son’s head! The temp. has dropped though so they won’t be out there long. That’s ok because we’re going to bake Christmas cookies (and eat them! ;-))and drink hot chocolate and read Christmas stories in front of the fire. Whee! 😀