We had a very pleasant and relaxing Christmas! Christmas Eve we went over to Uncle H. and Aunt P.’s for the traditional soup/salad and/or sandwich dinner. Usually it is at Uncle J. and Aunt S.’s but Aunt S. was out of state with their children due to a death in her family. So, Aunt P. hosted this year. She is an excellent hostess and has many parties per year…generally on the holidays but for other family/otherwise occasions also. She makes the most beautiful wedding cakes with professional baker’s frosting (as her father was a professional baker)…mmmm! Actually, this was our second get together at their house as they host a Caroling Party the weekend before Christmas every year. Both were great times and we are thankful for their hospitality and love. My parents arrived late in the evening at our house. Our daughters and baby waited up for them but our eldest son “crashed” soon after arriving home from the party. (It was nearly 10pm! ;-)) The girls and the baby went to bed soon after they said “Hello” (which was around midnight). My father and I (as we do most every year) stayed up late talking…we have some really good ones on most everything under the sun! I did some last minute gift wrapping too (for him and me!). Dh and my mother crashed around 1-1:30am…Dad and I were up ’til 5am!!! =8-O Our children aren’t early risers necessarily so I had no worries they’d wake me before I’d had “enough” sleep. Christmas day dawned and I was up with it…which isn’t hard when sunrise doesn’t happen ’til 10am! LOL The children started straggling up about 10:30am or so and my parents around 11am and my dh around 11:30am…he got the most sleep of us all!! A light brunch was had of tapicoca pudding, mandarine oranges, Denver omlets, polish deer sausage, coffee, tea, orange juice…I think that was all. LOL Gift unwrapping started about 12:30pm and lasted until 2pm or a little after. We like to give the children time to open a gift or two amongst it all. How aggravating to be opening new thing after new thing and not get a chance to really check it out at the moment of excitement huh?! πŸ˜‰ At 3pm I started the dishes we were bring to dinner which was at Uncle G. and Aunt J.’s. I made Sweet Potato Casserole, Winter Fruit Salad and Christmas Chocolate Cream Pie (don’t remember it’s exact name but that describes it pretty well ;-)). Those went very well with the Prime Rib, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, peas and corn, and rolls my uncle and aunt made. Friends of theirs brought the red wine. Mmm-mmm! My aunt had also made an apple pie…she and mother make the best pies (it’s the same recipe)!!! Ala’mode with a slice of Vermont Chedder, it’s wonderful! (We hail from Vermont…) Anyway, we all straggled down there between 4:30-5:30pm. (One bathroom between 9 people!!!) Dinner was at 6pm. Gifts at 7:30pm and then dessert. Guests (uncle and aunt’s friends) left and everyone flopped in the living room. I thought I’d be spending the night! LOL I was soooo tired and full! And, sick. We all (me, dh and children) had a recurrence of the cold we thought we’d beat the week before…it came back stronger this time. The headache was horrendous and I lived on Tylenol all weekend. Oooh, and those packed sinuses! But, despite that, it was a wonderful time. The 26th we all slept in again. My parents left for their home about 1pm. The rest of the afternoon I lazied around and the children played with all their new things. Saturday and Sunday we tackled putting the house back into some semblence of order. Today was more of the same…gathering up some holiday decorations, etc. I won’t take the tree down until after New Year’s but I am putting away some things like Christmas books, wrapping paper, etc. Oh, and Sun. (yesterday) I did a “post-Christmas turkey.” I love the aroma that filled the house. So, we had turkey yesterday with some left over Christmas dishes. Today, Turkey Potpie (with Scalloped Potatoes and Salad and cookies for dessert). It’s easy to appreciate turkey left overs when you had something else on Christmas Day! And, we have a big family now! One turkey really doesn’t last as long around here any more!!! LOL Where we used to have turkey *forever* it seemed, we had all we *wanted* yesterday for dinner, *just enough* for potpie today and it we’ll *stretch it* for Turkey Noodle Soup later this week with the bones for stock.

We had another short Chinook last night. The temp. rose to the high 30’s and the wind was whipping hard…those house shaking winds we get all too frequently from the mountain valley above us. The snow was melting and blowing away. It stopped some time early this morning and then it started snowing midmorning for a couple of hours…fast then slowed then stopped. So, still a lot of snow out there but doesn’t *look* like as much and not a lot of replacement…which relieved me! LOL

Well, I’m blogged out! Hope you have enjoyed my Christmas tale and weren’t bored to tears! LOL

Goodnight to all!