I’m sitting here sipping a cup of steaming Herb Tussin tea. Man, this respitory stuff is tenaciously hanging on… Same kind of stuff we had in the summer. We thought we’d had sickness beat in Nov. after Thanksgiving then we had a recurrence just a couple days before Christmas. The first time around it was a mere cold…clogged sinuses, achy head, etc…I wrote all about it. Anyway, didn’t progress and seemed to clear up. Dec. same stuff but it didn’t go away. Turn into congestion in the lungs. Dh seems fine. Baby is the worst then our second daughter and oldest son are about the same stage and then me. Youngest daughter is a little coughy but pretty much over it and it never was really too bad for her anyway and oldest daughter was fine after the “mere cold” part of it. Argh. Last night I as coughing so much it practically made me sick to my stomach. Makes motivation hard… Tried to get back into our academic work again yesterday but things didn’t go so well. “Expect what you Inspect” is a favorite theme of mine concerning chores. Well, turns out my children weren’t very diligent the last few weeks with their putting stuff away in the Schoolroom and I wasn’t diligent enough with my inspection. Seems things were being “shoved” here and there and I’d go in and give it a glance *assuming* it was done to the expected standard… We spent yesterday in training. Back and forth, back and forth I went when they’d say they were done and asked me to check their work. After having to undo many things many times, finally, finally, finally one could go in there and not trip when trying to use the pencil sharpener or have toys fall out of their shelves onto your toes or be in fear of the bulging manipulative/game closet door!!! Four hours all toll I’m ashamed to say… Today though we will actually be able to do school work and not have those awful distractions. Hurray! We are all so looking forward to it…idleness of mind breeds boredom (although none of us are allowed to use the word…if you are bored, Mother can always find you something to help with! ;-)) which breeds crankiness which breeds fussing which breeds naughtiness… You get the idea. 😉

Anyway, this is kind of the “doldrums” of the season. No Fall activities to look forward to, Thanksgiving over, Christmas over, New Year (although still fresh) is over… Now, just coldness and darkness. Those academics are sooo appreciated by all of us!

On a positive note, we have noticed it isn’t as dark by at least a 1/2 hr. It’s light now about 9:30am instead of 10am. Whoohoo! Everyday just a few minutes more until…Voila! Spring! 🙂

Also, the moonlight streaming in on me right now is just gorgeous!!! Full and silvery. The sky is crystal clear and the stars are brilliant. The coldness does have some good points… As the moon is dipping lower in the horizon, it is turning yellowy and, like yesterday at this time, will be a glowy orangey color soon. So, enough of this blogging. I’m going to grab my Herb Tussin and my Bible and enjoy the moonset and the sunrise! 🙂