Academic-wise, things went well yesterday. Funny though, we didn’t use that newly cleaned schoolroom. We sat at the dining table in front of the fire most of the day. It’s COLD outside and most of the house is really chilly. I keep the thermostat at a set low point for a couple reasons…not just frugality. Anyway, my feet felt frozen most of the day having to be around the drafty floor all day. The children were ok as with most children they don’t sit on their bottoms feet hanging down for long…they sit on their knees or tuck their feet up in different ways. There was choretime and playtime but the majority of the time everyone wanted to be in front of the fire!!! That meant coloring, drawing and just plain playing with toys on the table besides our schoolwork. Schoolwork was the main focus though and we were all “into it.” (My children are much happier and pleasant with they have their *minds* engaged not just or as well as their hands.) It’s about time too…we’ve been studying Ancient Egypt much too long. Actually, maybe not… We began it about Feb. last year through April. Had a slow start up in the history area this Fall and didn’t pull these particular books out until Oct. and went through Nov. So all toll that is 5 mnths but not consistantly of those… At any rate, I feel like we should be worshipping Ra! Good thing I’m teaching Old Testament history (during Bible time) along with it!!! It’s time to move on so we are going to make a big push and get this portion of history behind us hopefully as this month comes to an end. Our oldest daughter didn’t quite finish her Math curr. in Dec. either and has about a week or two left in it. So, at the end of the month, the three oldest will all be starting new levels in Math. (I wanted to do all of this with the start of the New Year…”the best laid plans” are subject to interuption by sickness and holiday tradition…one of the beauties of homeschooling though too…just roll with the punches and not be constrained by governmental ideas of how our children should learn and what and when and where and why!!!

Finally, at the end of the day, I was able to put my feet *up* in front of that fire and thaw them out! LOL Not only that. I also filled the tub with water as hot as I could stand it, added several drops of tea tree oil, draped a towel over my head and sipped on Echinacea (sp?) tea. It’s probably a little late for that kind of tea but I’m out of my Herb Tussin. At any rate, that along with a good slathering of Vicks has helped loosen the conjestion a bit. Hopefully, as I get moving around more actively today, I can get this stuff cleared out. I’m not feeling miserable but definitely not 100% and that’s tiring and annoying and I just don’t have time for it!!!

The moon is beautiful again this morning. Only slightly waning so it still looks full for all intense and purposes.

Gotta run. A blessed day to all!!!