I’m feeling really dull right now. After having some success late last night in uploading some files to our webspace that we now have access to again, I’ve hit a snag and am just muddled in the brain. What was it that worked last night? Why isn’t it working now? I’m not a computer person but I can generally figure something out…if given long enough. That’s a big part of it…I’m feeling pressured by time. I’m tired of this computer stuff feeling like it’s taken over my time. I want it in maintenence mode so I can move on and take care of things that are nearer and dearer. I love to learn and I think this is fun. But, with the business, I feel it has to be done quickly…yesterday kind of idea. I’ve often said I know just enough to get myself in trouble then I have to pray profusely for God to get me out of it. Was much more of a big deal with our old computer when the slightest little thing froze it up and everything would be lost. Now, this computer is wonderful! But, I’m still mentally dense in this regard and it causes me much consternation. I know it’s time to give it a break…but I don’t want to! I want to figure it out and I want it now! >:-P Sigh.

Guess I’m feeling a little grouchy too because the weather has been absolutely frigid and the children haven’t been able to go out and wear off much energy. CABIN FEVER has set in *big time*!!! I’m having a hard time maintaining my Motherly dignity amongst the childish pettiness toward siblings. Another long sigh.

Going and reading with my children *will* make me feel better…so, although I feel like sending them all to bed a couple of hours early (!!!), reading’s what I’m going to go do. We’ve been reading the Elsie series together. I know there is + and – opinions of it out there… We are enjoying them very much fwiw to all reading this here blog. 😉

ps – To end on a more positive note – we are all relatively health again PTL! Mamma and Q. still have lingering chest conjestion but it is loose and clearing out.