W. and a friend are up shoveling off the roof. The mounds around the house are getting bigger and bigger and bigger…especially combined with the snow piled up from the snowplow. Early this morning when I was having my Quiet Time, I was startled by a huge “CRACK” and looked out the window to see a poof of snow come off the roof! I’m used to the house cracking and popping because of the cold but never have I seen it pop snow off the roof. Later, as I was getting ready to cook breakfast there was another “CRACK” above my head in the kitchen. I promptly told my dh. When he got out of the shower, he looked at the roof boards on the kitchen ceiling and thought there was a slight buckling almost imperceptable but there never the less. There’s quite a heavy load up there! Usually on other years, if we have had a ton of snow, he’s been prompt about shoveling it. But, we’ve both been preoccupied. It’s pretty frigid out there still so I’m off to have hot chocolate ready for when he’s done…poor dear! Thankful he’s my provider and protector (and I don’t have to do it 😉 {{{shiver}}}!)!!!