Well…apparently I’m not as dense as I thought yesterday! The tech guy for our hosting called a little while ago because he noticed some error messages related to our site. Apparently it was logging me on and a second later logging me off while I was trying to transfer those files. Just a glitch probably in transfering services. Let’s hope so. I’m not going to attempt it again right now as we have had a great day and I’m not going to ruin it by working [on business stuff]. That’s one of the things about home businesses…if you aren’t careful, you can end up working all the time.
Balance, balance, balance!

Btw, our Accuweather sign (up there in the left corner) says it’s -10F but it’s actually about -20F at our house. Accuweather reports down near the airport which is by the Inlet. (My parents [150 miles from here] are reporting -30F or more.)
BBBRRRR Baby! It’s cold outside!