Yesterday was an absolute wonderful Lord’s Day! While I was preparing part of breakfast (closer to brunch), dh and oldest child ran to the store for a few other things we wanted. After breakfast, since the roof changed our plans a little, I had a wonderful Bible study time with the children going through their Catechism questions, memory verses and a couple of lessons we usually do during the week for homeschool. The oldest two also read from their own Bibles out loud to the rest of us. While Daddy was shoveling the roof, the girls and I cleaned up the kitchen and schoolroom and entryway. Then, the oldest two went outside for a little while…it’s so cold they came in to warm up by the door a couple of times within the space of a half hour. Not too much time *actually* outside. The middle two children made an extensive zoo (the second this week) with all the blocks and smallish animal toys they could find…which, since we had cleaned up the schoolroom, was a lot! The baby went for a nap so I was able to squeeze in some blogging, email and magazine reading. When the older two were in for good, the rest of the afternoon was spent in front of the fireplace mostly crafting – painting, drawing, clay, etc. When Daddy finished the roof and a couple other important things, and after dinner, we all had church together here at home. What a blessing! Daddy and Mama with their children snuggled all in to listen to God’s Word. We read again from our Bibles and had some other edifying reading then as the children were tucked into bed, we sang a couple of hymns together. Daddy went out into the garage/shop to wrap up some things for the evening and prep some things for today and Mama got to relax in front of the fire with some Chamomile tea and some more good literature. It doesn’t look like much on “paper”…but the relaxed peaceful flow of the day and the time spent being in God’s Word *together* is beyond words! Thank you Lord for such a blessed day!

What’s on the agenda for today?

Homeschool and laundry with our regular “maintenence” chores. But, most importantly, me to remember that I set the “tone” in our home. I want to carry over yesterday’s peacefulness into this week. Through God’s grace and strength, I will not sweat the small things and remember that inconviences to me are wonderful opportunities to bless and serve someone else! Namely my family (as I don’t have plans to be out-n-about). They are my nearest and dearest neighbors afterall. 😉

A blessed day to all!