I was putting some “Honey” lotion on my hands and my third daughter was in the bathroom standing beside me. She watches and says with her nose wrinkled up, “WHAT is that?” I know she knows what it is and I’m wondering why she’s asking me but I answer, “Lotion.” She continues to watch and says, “Oh.” I say, “Why?” She wrinkles her nose again and says, “Because it smells like…[pause]…*grownup.*” I’m trying not to die laughing and say, “Oh really?! And, what do grownups smell like?” Wanting her, of course, to *describe* the smell. She says incredulously and with wide eyes, “Like THAT!!” and skips off. (Like, c’mon MOM!!! LOL) I guess when this bottle is used up I won’t be buying any more of it. I was given the impression that I certainly don’t want to smell like GROWNUP!!! LOL It wasn’t one of my favorites anyway so not a great loss. LOL