We received about 2ft of snow in the last snow storm. I never did get the deck shoveled off and the snow is above the railing again. Also, dh and friend hadn’t quite finished the roof from a few weeks before. Apparently they had just done where it is prone to glaciate. The temps. were frigid so I don’t blame them. With this snow fall though, dh decided they better get the rest off. That’s a lot of weight. Anyway, the snow that came off above the deck now has the snow reaching to the eaves…literally. The children can crawl right up on the roof from it. Hey, we could use the roof as an awesome sledding hill!! Pack the snow right around the eaves there, smooth it out over the railing and zoom! 🙂 Just kidding! 😉

It stopped snowing Sat. afternoon. Sunday was absolutely gorgeous! The temps. reached 43F in the sun and the eaves were dripping like crazy. All that snow is turning crusty and it’s slick. We went to Uncle H. and Aunt P.’s for the annual Valentine Making Party and it’s not a figment of my imagination…their trees are showing slight buds forming too!

Yesterday was even better…it reached 54F in the sun! Woohoo! A slight breeze picked up too so that we are having a nice little (so far) Chinook! Today when I got up around 7-something-am, it was 40F. So, it stayed warm overnight which will really speed this melting! The breeze has picked up so it’s rather windy now. All the signs of Spring! It comes down to will it stay this way or will we be “surprised” by late season flurries. Of course, I always root for the former. 😉 (UPDATE: Temp. has dropped to 34F @ 10:05am.)

With that weather update, I better close. Homeschooling has been a challenge the last few weeks since being in good health. Through the holidays and sickness, the children really got out of the academic mode and cabin fever isn’t helping us in getting back on track. Last year, being pregnant, I gave us permission to have a pretty relaxed schedule with the idea we could catch up this year. It’s not going well… I have 3 that are in the foundational stages and really dependent on my involvement. Plus, with the business and remodeling… Argh. I’m just having a really hard time balancing everything. Q.’s still teething too so that affects how I sleep which colors my perspective during the day. Lack of sleep, lack of proper perspective. 😛 He seemed to sleep through the night for about a week after we were all well again and then not again. Actually, he did sleep through the night last night but my body is so used to night wakings my sleep was fitful anyway. My baby is almost a year though so I’m not being too peeved about it…I’m already anticipating missing his “babyness.” :-/

I don’t like closing on a negative note… So, hmm. Just looked out the window while thinking of something positive to say and noticed it’s freezing rain out there. Great! Dh husband just left to do errands… Sigh. As I’m typing, I see actual flakes forming amongst the drops. Actually, a bit of snow was predicted midweek. We’e getting it a bit earlier I guess.

Well, that was a bit more of a ramble than I intended when I first sat down. I’ll leave it at that and go check on chores…while I count my blessings in an attempt to straighten out my outlook on the day and pray for dh’s safe return.

Ciou all and may you have a good day in the Lord! 🙂