Things have heated up a bit in the homeschool arena here in AK with a proposed bill that would subject *all* children to tracking by the State Legislature. Not only that but the info would be sent also the the Dept. of Health and Human Services. Public school children and those enrolled in “public homeschooling” programs (oximoron huh?! :-P) are already tracked so this is intentionally targeting *independent* homeschool families. Bad, bad news!!! Anyway, the reason I came here to blog is that a person commented on the akhomeschooling email list I am a part of that he was tired of all the emails about it…particularly that it seemed to only be a certain few people and was it really *necessary* to have their letters posted, etc. that they wrote to their Representatives and so on and so forth and his subject line was “Another group?” and that he was tired of using the delete key and couldn’t everyone keep track of this stuff themselves!!! I responded with a temperate post, compared to what I said to my husband, and there was another reply right after by someone who was more “tolerant” sounding. I said that I appreciated all of the other posts, hearing how others worded their letters, hearing ideas that I may not have thought of, etc. I am busy homeschooling my children and I don’t always have the time to read the newspaper or go to the legislature website or whatever to keep up to date. I appreciate others sharing and notifying me of what’s going on. Plus, NOBODY knew about this until HSLDA email the President of our state homeschool assoc. (or so it appears) and he posted about it on the email list. If it weren’t for that post they would be sneaking it through!!! NO JOKE!!! Without the deluge from their constitutants opposing it. Anyway, I didn’t write *all* that…I didn’t have to be redundent. Anyway, I felt a little guilty at first. But, you know what? I got over it real fast! I have “0” TOLERANCE for a “Man” to whine when facing such an important issue as our FREEDOM!!! I’m tired of having to SHUT UP because someone may be offended!!! Or, not voice my opinion or whatever! I was not abusive. In fact, I felt I was pretty toned down. I had my husband read my message before I sent it and he approved. In fact, after he returned from an errand, he asked if I had sent it. I said yes and “expounded” a little more and if my husband said phrases such as, “You go girl!”, he would have! LOL In fact, he told me you should get on there and give that guy what for! I believe that that’s a “man to man” thing though and I do want to temper my words in love as a Christian should. So, if there are any more responses, I’m going to tell them all what I told you all here! LOL I think I’ve vented enough… Men be men. Not whiners!!! Men stand up for “inalienable rights”!!! Don’t try to squash the free and “liberal” exchange of ideas just because you’re “tired” [violin music] of your inbox filling and it’s so “hard” to keep using that delete key!!! Did I say I was done venting?!?! I am now! [grin] For now anyway… [wink] LOL

Now, I have some family things to record for posterity…

Quentin’s second 1rst molar came in last Thursday (Feb. 12th) but not the one expected. It was the top left this time. He had a slight fever this afternoon and took a long nap so either of the bottom two will poke through soon.

My Sweetie got me a new digital camera (never had one before!) for Valentine’s Day!!! A Sony DSC-F717. Again, like the new laptop, I have no idea how that compares on the market, but it looks so cool! I’m so excited to start using it! But, I haven’t had a chance to read through the manual and such yet. Hopefully tonight as my bedtime reading… He also got me a new camera bag, memory chip, and base thingy majigy to put the chip in so that you don’t have the camera plugged in but can continue using it while you download your pics, etc. Until now, I have been using a device called Snappy to capture video images for stills. It has the capibility to feed a video still image straight from the camera to the computer and with a click there you go! A jpg image. If you have seen any of the things I’ve put up on eBay, you can see how clear this method was. Still, it will be soooo nice to just point and shoot! Plus, it’s increasingly harder to find “patches” to continue to make this device work on more and more advanced computers. Sad really as it is a quaintly good idea…

Ok, that’s it from me for today. I’m tired but my dh has a movie for us to watch and if we start now I might be lucky enough to not fall asleep during it.

Goodnight! 🙂