I forgot to say last night that our baby has a vocabulary now of four words! Mumma came at about 5 months, daaadad at about 7 months, kitty at about 9 months and lately his new word is buuubub which we think means baby. He’s also working on duck as in rubber ducky [Oh those infamous duckies. ;-)] although it’s not clear enough just yet to call an actual word.

It’s sunny and blue skies here today with a temp. of 32F. Give the sun another hour and it will be shining directly on the thermometer and I suspect it will show something more encouraging. I’ve started some beans with the children mostly because we are doing that age old experiment about plants and sunlight but I do intend to keep the healthy ones for the garden.;-) I started plants around this time last year so in the next day or two I’m going to go out to the shed and dig out some starter pots, etc. This year though I have a baby crawling around so I won’t be able to line everything up on the floor next to the sliding door to the deck where we have the most wonderful southern exposure. I’ll have to move an extra table I have in the schoolroom out here and put everything on there. But, with that extra space I’ll still be tempted to fill all that space on the floor that will be left under the table! 😉 Can’t have the baby eating the dirt and the starts though so I’ll refrain…I will refrain… 😉