Yesterday I was too beat to blog. Spent the day in the basement…doing laundry. Not just washing, drying, folding and putting away but sorting everyone’s drawers, labeling and storing (those to be kept). Approx. 5 hrs worth. Went down around Noon and came up for dinner. Dh had ordered pizza…bless him! Then of course, it was dinner clean up, wash all the children, read to them and put them to bed…on my own as dh was working late on some pressing things. Whew. How can the children have so much energy when I’m so pooped?! All helped me in some way throughout the day but… The person who figures out how to bottle children’s excess energy will make a fortune! 😉 Anyway, the thought of turning on the computer after all that was even too much. LOL So, I laid on the couch and read but mostly didn’t as baby was still up and he was too cute playing peek-a-oo and cajoling me to let him drink out of my water bottle. Dh keeps teasing that I must be “nesting”…which isn’t beyond the realm of possiblity. 😉 Today we have a meeting at Noon and I’m up late as baby didn’t sleep well and woke and had me up a couple of times in the wee hours. So, I need to start running rather than sitting on my tooshie. A blessed day to all! Ciou!