the harder I think about Spring the harder it snows! Yup, it’s been snowing all afternoon. Pretty hard for a while and now it’s letting up. Daddy took the 3 girls sledding. Both of our sons are here napping. The oldest son isn’t feeling well…headcold and slight fever…the baby is simply following routine. 😉 I’m taking a break from cleaning off the kitchen counter. When I’m finished here, and with that, I’ll be finishing my workout as well.

Before I go, since I have had “gardening on the brain” lately AND because I know you all like quizzes so much ;-), I’ll leave you with one I created myself.

If you are so inclined and want to leave your guess in the comments section, please do!

I’ll reveal the answer in this here blog next week.

For those in warmer climes, do a little yard work for me ok?! 🙂

A blessed weekend to all!