Well, I’m just feeling annoyed and bummed today! This co-op thing has been something I’ve looked forward to doing for a while but it seems to have hit one snag after another…at least a half dozen…not much really in the grand scheme of things…but really annoying!!! I won’t list them all but the latest is that one of the people who order through me received two item that apparently she didn’t want or order. I looked through the list she gave me and sure enough these numbers weren’t on there. However, there were no descriptions because faxing her order wasn’t working and we were down to the wire so she simplely emailed me item numbers. I had to call in the first order and it seems the person taking the order got a letter or number transposed or something but won’t admit it’s their fault simply becaue they “read” back the order to you. Without descriptions from the other lady I was in the dark about the actual items she wanted. Anyway, what a mess. I feel obligated of course to refund her $ for these items…although I don’t fully feel I’m at fault…but I do accept the responsibility…so that means I’ll be stuck with items I don’t want or need and out $$$ I can’t afford to be out. Argh. One of the items she said she could donate to the food pantry if the company wouldn’t take them back… It would be a little easier to deal with if this particular person wasn’t *family*! Anyway, it will all work out I’m sure…I just didn’t want to be doing this right now…perhaps on another day when I’m feeling better and don’t have other things I desperatly need to do I could handle it better…with computers, etc. everything is supposed to be easier right?! HA! NOT!

I also have a headcold. I’m thankful it’s only a cold but the stuffy head just makes this more annoying to deal with.

I’m bummed because it is SNOWING again!!! There was about 2 inches when I got up around 7am. Now there is about 6 inches and it is still coming down fast with big flakes. Mind if I cry!? Waaaaah! 😦 I’ll that progress we made this week with the wonderful sunshine… πŸ˜› So, that’s put me in a “mood.”

I should be pursting with happiness though as our little guy is 1 YEAR OLD TODAY!!! But, that makes me kinda sad too… This is the closest of spacings between our children and I feel I haven’t had this little guy for our baby long enough… This too I’ll get over I’m sure…

It just one of those days. :-/ I’m feeling out-of-sorts and cranky dog-gone-it!!! I don’t want to be…

Oh, also, we are having guests this weekend and the house is in need of a good cleaning. sigh. Dh is working on our vehicle again so I have ‘Burban seats, car seats, auto parts,etc. cluttering up the living room again. (Can’t be in the garage because they’ll get dirty while he is doing the work he has to do…)

Oh, and my back hurts from different things (over the years) but was exasperated yesterday by making bread and standing in the kitchen all afternoon yesterday cooking other things. Mostly it was the bread though. Ugh. I’m saving for a good mixer…but it’s taking too long!!! It’s annoying when you are trying to provide wholesome things for your family to eat and yet it literally hurts to do so. :-/

Sorry to vent like this.

There was one exciting thing this morning that lifted the spirits a little…THE COYOTE WAS BACK!!! I got some good pics this time with the digital. Yay! πŸ™‚ We watched him for a long time digging in the snow, walking around the yard, looking back at us… It was really neat! πŸ™‚

Must run and put some semblence of order to this place as a birthday celebration is in order!!! πŸ™‚

I really hope you all have a great weekend with your families!