Well, my “mood” from yesterday has passed (mostly)…along with my terrible back pain. I literally couldn’t breath very deeply without sharp stabbing pains on my whole left side around the ribs and under the shoulder blade. I have scoliosis (sp?) and that shoulder blade “sticks out” a bit and it’s just a troublesome area anyway for me but I’ve never, never had pain like that there before! Ugh. Colored my whole outlook! After I posted yesterday, I didn’t do anything I said I was going to do. I did nothing but feed the children and then sit/lay on the couch and read. Then, I fed them dinner and we all went to bed. My parents will be here in an hour and the kitchen is a disaster. I’ll just have to ignore the car parts as best I can…and my office area…receipts, papers, bills…stacked on my desk along with some books, extra computer equip. and cameras and their accompanying gadgets…sigh. At least I won’t have to clean the guest room as they will only be spending the afternoon and then heading home. Dad (Mom?) will be up again next weekend apparently to attend the Sportsmen’s Show just for the afternoon again and then they will be up again for Easter spending the night this time I’m sure. That should give me plenty of time to clean the guest room…which also serves as my sewing/craft room…which explains why it’s messy… [wink]! Anyway, the rest/relaxation in the afternoon plus a half glass of wine in the evening helped my back. It doesn’t hurt now although it still feels “not right”…

I said my “mood” had *mostly* passed…that’s because it’s still snowing…hard! It quit in the later afternoon/evening yesterday but began again some time early this morning. BIG, BIG flakes too! 6 inches yesterday and they say another foot today!!! Well, I guess since we didn’t get any snow to speak of last year (maybe a foot the whole winter!!!), we are making up for it this year. Getting last years snow and this years in one season. Humph. The trees and such do need the water…I can’t begrudge them that I guess… :-/ Did you know that if it weren’t for our snow fall every year, Alaska could be classified as a desert?! That’s how dry it is here otherwise. Well, up here farther north. In the panhandle, it rains a lot. (Rainforest area.) Think of Seattle’s percipitation. So, desert in the northern regions…rainforest in the southern regions… Ok, enough of the AK Geography lesson! 😉

So, with my backache yesterday, we didn’t celebrate our 1 year old’s bday. But, that’s what my parents are coming for so, although it bothered the rest of the children that we didn’t actually do anything on Q.’s day, he doesn’t realize it… Today works just fine. 🙂

With that said, I do need to go and prepare for a celebration this time!!! 😀 This is just a better day all-round to have one…despite the snow…!!!

Take care everyone! And, have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow if I don’t get back here between now and then! (I’m not sure if we will be having worship here at home again or not…Q. is still quite rattlely in the chest and I’m still getting over this head cold… We’ll see…

OK – Bye! 🙂