Well, we did not go rock climbing the day before. One thing led to another and before long the afternoon was taken up w/ dh and myself doing a dozen or so projects together and between the two of us. We did go yesterday as it turned out yesterday was the last predicted sunny day through Mon. anyway. The children had a great time again and this time we got some pics. 😉

So, today it clouded up as the weatherman predicted…light rain was also…it may be down in town but up here on the “hillside” it’s lightly-moderately *snowing*!!! 😛 I haven’t been able to look at the deck all morning. I know it must have slush…how much I don’t want to know.

The water is running quite steadily in the basement. Not good. Last night, I didn’t have to get up for a wee hours of the morning trip to the bathroom (the joys of moving into the 2nd trimester 😉 ) so the sump didn’t get plugged in (it’s tempormental so we leave it unplugged and then monitor it and plug it in when we need to) and there is about an 1/8 inch of water covering 1/4 of the basement floor. Ugh. Reaches right to where we moved stuff over to. I’m still praying that the flooding won’t be as bad as a couple of years ago but somehow I get the impression that God is not going to answer that affirmatively for us. So, we get to listen to “Little Hunt Creek”…

It’s cloudy, snowing and the basement is flooding…wonder how it’s going to affect my agenda today…!?! Am I going to have to “close school” today and spend my time moving more of our stuff up here and with the shop vac sucking up H20 or do we “maintain the coarse” and hope another day… I suppose after I get dressed (and change out of my wet slippers), I’ll be able to think more clearly about it… 😛