After everybody left for a couple of hours (see family journal for that) and the baby went for a nap, I concentrated most of my time in the raspberry patch. First though, I checked out how the potatoes were doing. I had uncovered them earlier in the morning but didn’t take a close look. They were doing great! Already perked up and enjoying their new space! Then, into the greenhouse to pot some more seeds. New things in the left side bar of course… The raspberry patch is almost done being raked and the old canes cut out. Also, I tried to find every one of the Skunk Cabbages that I could to hack out! Awful stuff! Bleck. I think it’s a wild celery…but I wouldn’t eat it if I were starving! It would probably hasten my death anyway as I think I’m allergic to it. It smells horrid…thus it’s name…and the fumes when I cut it back when it’s bigger make me nauseous. Also, I get a very itchy light rash. Yuck. So, I tried to find them this year while they are small to get them out of there. I’ll probably finish it up this afternoon and give it a good watering. I have a couple more stackable potato boxes so I’m going to transplant a third one. I don’t think I’ll start anymore seeds today… New pictures in the right side bar. Click on the descriptions for a closer view.