Friday, I finished raking and cutting out old/damaged canes in the raspberry patch. Hacked out a bunch more skunk cabbage. Blech.

Saturday, watered all the starts and potatoes really well as we were leaving to go out of town.

Monday, everything looked great! Temps didn’t drop too much and I’m really thankful about that! 🙂 Rainy afternoon so no outside work. Glad it rained as the raspberry patch needed a good watering but I didn’t have time for it before we left.

Tuesday, today, rainy again. Good for the raspberry patch again! The grass has already gotten really tall out there though (and around other parts of the yard) so I’ll have to cut it when the rain stops. The leaves on everything have really gotten big over the last few days! Sooo nice and pretty! The front Lilac even has small buds (flowers and leaves) on it. A lot more flower buds this year! Yay!

That’s it for gardening news for now.

Have a blessed day! 🙂