Not much exciting going on…

Wed. was overcast all day. Didn’t venture out and tried to keep the children on task with their chores and some school work. It’s been difficult. The schoolroom has been a continual disaster as toys, games, etc. are stored in there too and it’s been like pulling teeth to have them keep it clean. So, Thurs. they spent *all* day in there attempting half-heartedly to clean it up. Their dawddling was awful. So frustrating. Finally, it sank in that mother was sticking to her guns though and by evening it was looking half-decent. They spent *only* *half* the day in there yesterday and it looks much better but it really needs my finishing touch. So, I think I’ll see if dh can take them for an outting and I’ll put nose to the grindstone. I’ve request a lock for the door after this!!! So I don’t sound like a complete Ogre…they have toys downstairs and outside. They won’t be completely without toys. This will protect the games, puzzles, Playmobile,etc….things with small parts and pieces…and, therefore, my sanity!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ My parents are supposed to show up sometime this afternoon though as they are leaving to go “Outside”…that might change things a bit. Anyway…

(this portion edited and sent to the Garden Journal…)

Dh also hung up a clothesline again for me on Thurs. so that’s been helpful with the laundry. Particularly blankets…we have a couple off-n-on bedwetters. :-/ It actually has made laundry “fun” as it is theraputic in a way to “hang out the wash” and it does speed matters up not having to wait so long for each load in the dryer…almost double the amount drying as a matter of fact. That’s a “good thing”!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I did get a chance to sit on the deck and enjoy some sunshine for a little while (but no yard and garden work) while the children took a break to play outside yesterday. The forecast called for rain this weekend but, so far, this morning has been beautiful! I hope it continues so we have a chance to enjoy a sunny afternoon when our work is over.

I need to do some school work with the children. Yes, even on Saturday. We have a couple of things we are trying to finish up before summer really hits although, as I’ve said before, I think we’ll keep doing *something* throughout as to maintain our momentum…I’m really thinking ahead to when the new baby shows his or her pretty little face! ๐Ÿ˜‰

With that I’ll close. A blessed and productive weekend to all! ๐Ÿ™‚