Haven’t done much gardening. When the sun broke out for a while Thurs. (after being overcast for the last couple of days), I putzed in the backyard a bit. Raked a little. The potatoes look great and don’t need my attention. Except, they do need a third stacking box that my dh has yet to build… Watered the starts in the greenhouse. Everything looks great in there too. The other two potatoes need transplanting but I’ll only be able to do one as I have only two stackable boxes and need two more. (These two ended up a little too big to use over the other two stacks.) The beans and the squash are ready for bigger containers as Memorial Day is our last frost date and I’m not taking any chances putting them in the ground…raised boxes or not, covered or not. That’s what the greenhouse is for – protection!!! Anyway, they need to be transplanted and I’m shooting for this afternoon.

Thurs. I also raked a little in the front yard. I putzed a bit in the raspberry patch too. It’s turning into quite a jungle out there already!!! Clipped some of the grass and cut a few more old canes I had missed. I ended up cutting two or three good ones too unfortunately as I’m using these bigger branch trimmers. Ugh. Maybe I’ll get to the home improvement center this afternoon and pick up some nice one hand clippers…I seem to have more and more things I need them for and have wished for them often. Yup, that would be a good idea…

Garden To Do List

Transplant one potato.

Transplant beans and squash.

Buy hand clippers.

A blessed weekend to all! 🙂