The zuccihinis and beans got transplanted and the third potato. The last potato gets transplanted today. All the seedlings are going strong and getting big. I actually have a few more seeds to start although it’s getting kind of late to do so. With the greenhouse, it should be ok to go ahead and do so. Will update the left side bar when I’m done.

We have two new young Geraniums…the children accidently knocked off a couple of branches from one of the others and they have successfully grown roots. I’ll probably pot those next week.

We have a new tiny Viola that one of my daughters “rescued” from the rocks at Grammy’s house a couple of weeks ago. That’s potted and seems well.

I have a horrendous headache but I’m going out to putz around in the yards because the clear blue sky and sun, sun, sun are too much to resist! Plus, the plants, flowers, etc. are theraputic to be around even if it’s just looking at them. I’ll probably mostly end up lounging on the deck and reading. We’ve had some gloomy weather and have been deligent with our various work so we all deserve to take the day off.

That’s it for gardening news. Blessings until next time… 🙂