remember when the car was king and marilyn monroe was your queen?

what decade does your personality live in?

quiz brought to you by lady interference, ltd

Uuuh, no I don’t remember when the car was king and M.M. was queen… At least not from my *childhood*. [wink] I do remember when D.C. still *looked* young (in the mid 70s-early 80s)! (Man, that guy some good aging genes huh?! LOL) Let’s say that my VALUES may live in the 1950’s but not my PERSONALITY! What can I say…my parents did a good job instilling values into me that they thought were important. [wink] I “dig” my PC, I find Berkenstocks and wool clogs “rad”, I think listening to music on MP3s is “cool”, CD burners and DVD players are “groovy”, “awesome” and “wicked”… How’s that for mixing decades?!?! LOL

Thanks for indulging me…I needed a little levity…