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Garden Journal updated…

While I’m doing this clearing out, I’m listing some children’s clothing at eBay!!! Link in the left sidebar!!!

All the children are sick. Oldest son came down with something two days ago. He woke up and had breakfast Tuesday and then literally slept the rest of the day…very feverish and tired…he did wake up and have a bit of toast before bed. Tried giving him water throughout the day…he’d take a sip or two but mostly was just interested in sleeping. He woke up and had breakfast with us again yesterday and then stayed up for a while…played outside a bit…but early afternoon was feeling tired again so he went back to bed. He woke up for dinner but didn’t eat much. Yesterday mid-afternoon, oldest daughter said her throat was beginning to hurt a lot and by bedtime she was feeling pretty icky. This morning, the other 3 are feeling pretty rough too. Oldest son is actually feeling better…he’s much more active and, uhm, noiser! 😉 Dh worked very late and I was antsy so I stayed up late reading. Everyone, needless to say, slept in. Dh was off to work around 10am and the rest of us watched Mr. Rogers and Martha Stewart. No one felt like eating right away and felt like lazing around. Now, oldest son is eating lunch and I asked the others if they’d like something but so far no one else has come to the table. They have instead chosen to lie-abed. That’s ok. Rest, water and more rest if that’s what they’d like is what I’ll supply. Hoping, hoping, hoping I don’t get it. I guess since everyone (except one) will be quiet and resting today that gives me some uninterupted time to get work done on some major projects. One being making sense of all this stuff that came up from the basement. There is still too much on my kitchen counters and in boxes in the living area. Then, there are too many boxes out in the garage and they irrating dh while he’s trying to work…soooo, I must go through stuff. Some things in plastic storage boxes have gone out to the shed…namely winter clothing (3 boxes so far!) and some baby girl clothing (they have been in plastic boxes for a while now – obviously – so those I haven’t had to pack…just transfer). I think I’ve washed and packed the last of my maternity/nursing clothing 😦 so that will be going out to the shed today. The laundry has stacked up the last few days because I’ve only managed to get one or two loads per day done. So, I have to hit that hard too. I’m glad to have the uninterupted time to do these things…but wish it wasn’t because my children aren’t well. 😦

While I have it though, I need to make good use of it. Better get to it.

Btw, no updates yet on the miscarriage stuff… Haven’t yet to contact a doctor who has an “opening” to see me. My midwife doesn’t want to do it – lab tests, etc. – because if something is wrong she doesn’t want to be the person “causing delay.” Well, not being able to get into see anyone is causing delay… I’m frustrated. She did say that she does have a good opinion of the OB/GYN I had with our first child so I’m going to try for an appt. with him. Hmm, well I guess this was a bit of an update huh? That’s all so far though…

Ok, really have to run now.

Blessings to all! 🙂

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