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I made a little jam w/ the Rhubarb I picked today. (See garden journal for more…)

The children are still not well but they are feeling better. All went out this afternoon to play and stayed out ’til dinner time. Actually, it was a little past dinner because I was out there too and we lost track of time. It’s so easy to do now that the Midnight Sun shines! It’s dusky a little after 1am now and the sun is rising around 4am…so that’s about 3 hours of semi-darkness/darkness. I love it! 10pm and the sun is still shining through our windows! Yay!

Tomorrow I’m finally going to make Sourdough bread. I stayed up late Monday night and made four regular WW loaves and decided to try a Sourdough starter as I’d never done one before. So, now, my starter is nice and “sour”, I’ve taken out what I need for my loaves and have the starter “fed” and the dough for the loaves “sponging” over night. Should be yummy…can’t wait! 🙂 I’m going to ask the OB about blood testing for Celiac while I’m there so I feel like this is kind of the last “hurrah” with bread…unless I’m pleasantly surprised and the test is negative. That would be nice…but it wouldn’t explain some of my tummy troubles. Well, enough of this unpleasantness…

The weather for the weekend is supposed to be sunny all the way through. Today was beautiful and into the mid-hi 70*s. It’s supposed to continue to be that or warmer! Yay! If dh works, the children and I will be hanging out here. If he does get/takes a break, I think we may take a day trip…

I’m still recovering but yesterday and today I haven’t taken it as easy as I should. You feel better and so you push yourself although you know better…kwim??? So, maybe it would be a blessing for dh to work all weekend and I’ll force myself to lay out in the sun (*not* to bathe! 😉 )with a good book!

Oh, yeah, that’s right…how could I forget about those awful mosquitoes?! That’s not such a good idea after all… You should see my baby’s face/head/neck/arms…poor little thing can’t defend himself and he’s all bitten up. I’m going to be keeping him in unless someone can sit right with him or carry him around. Really, the mosquitoes are terrible! I have more than my share of bites itching right now… Argh!!! Unless, you use the really nasty chemicals, nothing works to keep them off you. My dad has gone so far as to purchase himself a net suit to cut wood in because he couldn’t stand it any more! Ok, enough of this unpleasantness too… I’m worn out and need my cozy bed!

Goodnight! 🙂

Doc. appt. Mon. 10am

Things are going pretty much the same around here as yesterday…

Garden Update

I haven’t been blogging here much since the miscarriage started…

I’ve been taking it easy and trying to recover as fast as possible. The plants have mostly just been needing to grow anyway so that’s what they’ve been doing. 😉 I visit them every day of course and water them if they need it. For a week, I pretty much didn’t do anything except watch and water…if that as it had been raining off and on and they were staying pretty moist. Last weekend, I did start to transplant a plant or two here or there into bigger pots. As I did so, I moved them out of the greenhouse onto the deck next to it to start hardening them off.

The garden box from last year also got moved closer to the others so that dh can rearranged some logs in the backyard. This box is approx. 4′ x 4′ x 2′(deep). The other garden box is approx. 2′ x 12′ x 1′(deep). Then, the 4 potato boxes. That’s a start. Hopefully, dh can get some time this weekend to build me another and that should do it for this year.

I started filling the long box this afternoon…a small section anyway. I’m waiting for dh to bring home a load of soil to fill the rest of it. The dirt that’s in there now was the stuff I hauled over from the original box so he could move it. I scraped it all to one end and I have a section that’s about 2′ x 2′ that has soil reaching the top of the box. I put a board on the open side to keep the soil from sluffing away. In that section I planted 2 Hollyhocks, 1 Pea, 1 Bush bean and 3 Radishes in an arrangement like this:




Definitely my modification of “Square Foot Gardening”. Works for me…I hope. 😉 Now, to fill the rest with soil…

I have Mint still…yay! I thought it had all died back this winter but it’s still out there. I think I’ll transfer the few plants I found into one of the garden boxes…

The Rhubarb is huge and I think I’ll be harvesting our first stalks in a couple of days.

The Raspberry patch is turning into a jungle!!! The mosquitoes are just horrid so the little bit of gardening I’ve been doing has been tolerable…buuuut, to get out into that patch would be torture right now… Ugh. I remember this being part of the problem last year (why we didn’t take better care of it).

The Crabapple is blooming like crazy now! So beautiful!!! And, fragrant!!! Love it. 🙂

Ok, I think that’s it for now… If I do or think of anything else today, I’ll be back later in the evening! 🙂

Until then…or whenever I do eventually get back here…

Happy Gardening!

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